Using PowerPoint in your ESOL / EFL classroom

powerpoint-presentationApart from having a capital letter in the middle of it, PowerPoint is easy, quick and looks great. Here are some quick ideas on how to use this presentation software with your EFL or ESOL students.

Get your students chatting with PowerPoint.

Getting students to ask each other questions and chat with each other is the cornerstone of modern language teaching. Using PowerPoint, you can easily display questions or points for students to discuss, or reveal them one by one.

Click here for some great shows from English Language Space Station

Picture shows for lower level students

Find a picture you want in Copy and paste the image into PowerPoint and make your own slide show. If pictures aren’t clear enough, use the advanced Image search to look for only large images ( You can make slide shows about any vocab area, things in the kitchen, places in town, jobs, vehicles… any vocab set.

Check out these examples  Parts of a car and Things in the Kitchen and Things in a house

Get your students using PowerPoint as well

If your students have access to computers then why not let them have a go at making a show. They could research a famous person, their hometown, a capital city they like, a country etc and then give a presentation on using their own PowerPoint show. Student confidentiality prevents us showing some student example, but they are great!

This isn’t new…

We know. But sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees

Other people using PowerPoint in quirky ways…

Tim Key’s PowerPoint Poetry

How I fell in love with PowerPoint – David Gaffney

Great PowerPoint Lessons


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