Internet Research for ESOL / EFL / ESL Part #1 – Shopping At Argos

Using computers and the internet to find information is a modern life skill, and very useful to boot; it’s also a great way to get your students reading and writing meaningful English. This ‘Argos’ shopping lesson gets students scanning and reading English as well as dioscussing the merits of what to buy.

Lesson Plan

I did this lesson in a computer room with one computer per student BUT I asked students to work together in pairs on one computer so they could discuss the answers. I also had a IW (interactive whiteboard) where I could show results. You can download this lesson here Argos Shopping

Level – Pre-intermediate, E2-E3, A2-B1

Time: 1 hour

1. Ask students where they go shopping. Do they go shopping online? Which website to they use? Ebay? A local one?

2. Show students  . It isn’t an online shop but it you can search for items in the handy box at the top. Each item also has a reference number which can be used to find it really quickly. Asks students for an item they would like to buy and write this in the search box, then used the drop down boxes to select how you would like the results displayed – explain to students how to do this.

3. Now give students the worksheet, explain that they have to use  to find the items needed on the sheet to furnish their new flat which they will share with their partner. They must write down the name, the price and the reference number – which you can use to check what they’ve bought later. Importantly they both have to agree on the item that they buy and they must keep to the tight budget of 500 pounds.

4. Now students work through the sheet. Walk round and check what they students are shopping for, commenting on them being too expensive or cheap. Encourage students to discuss what they are buying together.

5. When students have finished, ask them to add up what they’ve spent and make sure it’s in budget. Then have them feedback their answers, quoting the reference number which you can then type into the website to find out what they bought.

You can download this lesson here Argos Shopping

you can find more lessons like this at


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