The 25 most common spelling mistakes – IELTS and EFL


If you haven’t got time or can’t be bothered to read the post the spelling lesson is here:

The twenty five most common spelling mistakes in English.

The most pleasing things about making spelling mistakes when typing into Google is not that it offers you a handy correction,  but the fact that there are hundreds  of people who have also made the same mistakes, and have also gone the extra mile by putting these mistakes live on the web.

Websites that help with your spelling

There are some great webistes that can help your students with their spelling. The BBC have a really good Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check game as well as lots of others on their skillswise site.

There are also some good flash spelling games at

Spelling Miatakes by Native English Speakers

There are lots of funny places to look at real life spelling mistakes in English, one great example from the north of England is by Prof. Vivian Cook who took photos of genuine spelling errors made by British people.

You can also find hundreds of honest spelling errors by visiting and seraching for ‘spelling mistakes’ under images

Other Mistakes !

If you’re looking for something a little bit more hardcore then there are a whole range of websites that make fun of Chinese spelling mistakes. These are in vogue at the moment but some are a bit rude so I wouldn’t advocate showing these to your class.

Here’s a good one from


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