Using a PSP to teach English – Flash Games

Putting Flash Games onto the PSP

To get flash games onto a PSP you need to somehow rip the .swf files from the websites that host the games. I used firefox to download the games and capture the them. More gifted and tecnically minded wizards explain this better than I can here

Using Flash Games on the PSP

Although playing flash games is a lot of fun (depending on the game of course); exploiting them for language learning is more difficult. I’ve blogged about using them before, but for really creative ways of using flash games in the classroom look no further than Digital Play where there are ideas on using individual games and wider links to education through video games. Digital Play has had  a real influence on my ideas and teaching.

The Lesson

I used this lesson with a group of intermediate students from various parts of the world.  Students were given one PSP between two and each PSP had a flash game pre-loaded onto the memory card ‘Who killed Angela Spelling?’ from the fantastic

Students had to play the flash game together and fill in the worksheet which I also downloaded and printed off one between two – you can download it here

So, why not use a normal computer or laptop to do this activity?

– With a bunch of PSPs you can do these activities without an expensive IT suite.  Just pass out the PSPs and you can start.

– Students really focused in on their PSP and becaue they had to work together to see the tiny screen, it helped them work together on completing the tasks.

Problems and pains in the neck.

– Putting the same file onto twelve PSP memory cards is a hassle. Charging them up is even worse. This lesson took too long to think about for  simple  flash game.

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  1. Actually, the very best way to get any sort of file onto a PSP is not to mess about with homebrew sites and doing it yourself. No No No, go straight to Sony and download their ‘media go’ application which will allow you to transfer lots of different file types to your PSP, click the link to download it.
    Media Go is large download, but it is well worth it if you are transferring lots of files onto a PSP

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