Quick PowerPoint lessons for ESOL / ESL/ IELTS – Quick Questions

Here’s the first in a series of quick activities you can show on you IAWB or projector as part of a warm up, cool down or just a filler.

Can’t be bothered to read the post download the lesson here.

Quick Questions

This is a pre intermediate – intermediate lesson and involves students answering questions as quick as they can. It should take about twenty minutes depending on the level of feedback and discussion after the main task.

1. ask students to write the numbers 1-30 (or less if you don’t want to use all the slides). They are going to try and answer the questions they see on the screen as fast as they can.

2. Now run this powerpoint. Click the screen for the next question to appear. Allow students just enough time to read the question and write a brief answer.

3. When you’ve finished all the questions ask students to feedback their answers either to each other in pairs or groups or the whole class (I guess this depends on your class size).

Click here to download the ‘Quick Questions’ PowerPoint

Further ideas

This lesson works brilliantly in a computer room with all the students linked up to the same chat room and the questions either shown on interactive whiteboard or even just read out aloud- students can instantly see each other’s answers and there’s a great buzz as everyone fights to write what they want to say.

I originally designed this lesson for use with Nintendo DS machines as part of a Molenet project. By using the chatroom function, each student armed with their own Nintendo DS can read the questions and write in their answer. What they have written is instantly visible to the other students and the results were hilarious and genuine fun for the learners. For more on using the DS for teaching, check out my blog here. You can also visit the Molenet website where they have loads of ideas for students using mobile technology.

For more great powerpoint lessons go to http://www.englishlanguagespacestation.com/complete_PowerPoint_Lessons.htm

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