Another Great PowerPoint Lesson – Real speaking situations

 Here’s an old favourite, a powerpoint lesson that you can show with a projector or on your interactive whiteboard. It focuses on students responding to visual prompts asking them what they would say in cetain situations.

Can’t be bothered to read the post – download the lesson here.

Level: A2- B1 / Entry 3 / Pre-intermediate

Time: 30 mins

Technology needed: IAWB or projector to show the show.

How to run the lesson:

1. Before showing the ppt show, write these phrases up on the board. ‘Cheers/excuse me/ take care/’ and ask students to tell you what they mean and in what situations they would be used. ‘Cheers’ in modern English means ‘thank you’ as well as ‘to your health’ when drinking, ‘excuse me’ can be used to say sorry, or to express shock or concern at something if said with rising intonation as a questions. ‘Take care’ is something we say instead of goodbye and is a very nice thing to say.

2. Ask students to number a sheet of paper one to ten. As you show each picture ask students to write down what they think should be the response.

3. When you have done all ten elicit feedback from the students. You might like to look at the suggested answers on slide 11. 

Here’s the lesson again –

If you like this kind of lesson, check out the English Language Space Station’s complete powerpoint page

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