Simple powerpoint lesson – present simple/continuous – low level grammar

Don’t have the time/need/desire to read the blog? Get the lesson here:

Here’s a really simple PowerPoint lesson helping students to understand the difference between the present simple (I play the guitar) and the present continuous (I am playing the guitar).

How to use it.
I used this as part of a wider lesson comparing these tenses.
1. Ask students to explain the difference between these questions? ‘What are you doing?’ and ‘What do you do?’. Hopefully they will explain that the first question is present continuous and is asking about an action happenign right now and the second asks about what you do every day – in other words, your job.

2. Show students the ppt and get them to write (or just shout out) two sentences. One in the present continuous for now and one in the present simple for always.

3. There are many possible answers that are correct and I added the most obvious ones on the last slide of the poweroint presentation.

Going further

Making your own powerpoint lesson with pictures is stupidly easy. Head to and type in the name of the image you want, for example ‘man driving a car’. You’ll get a huge variety of images. Choose the one you would like to import into your presentation, click it, then, when it opens in its own window right click on it and choose ‘copy’. Now, back in you powerpoint presentation right click and choose ‘paste’.

If you’ve got a computer room, asking students to make their own powerpoint presentations either as part of a group or alone is a lot of fun. Especially when they have to present it to the rest of the class.

If you liked this lesson then get on down to for more of the same.

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