Making a quick song sheet using – an activity for teachers and students.

Here’s another lesson, you’ll need at least one computer with access to the internet per two students.

Below you’ll find instructions on how to make song sheets your students can use when they are watching and listening to their favourite tracks on BUT: THIS WORKS MUCH BETTER if you get your students to find a song they like, and make a worksheet themselves.

I told my students that they were making worksheets for other students who were of a much lower level than they were. I gave them each a copy of the instructions below and asked them to find a suitable song and the lyrics on the internet. I also asked them to pay close attention to point 2 which asks them to check the lyrics to make sure they are correct.

I was surprised to find out how much students wanted to get this right and make a good worksheet for other learners.

The songs I made are here

How to make a song cloze worksheet

  1. Find a song on that your students might like
  2. To get the lyrics, write the name of the song lyrics into . Lyrics and words found on Google are NOT ALWAYS CORRECT, you need to read them and check that they are spelled correcly and make sense.
  3. Now you have the lyrics, copy and paste them into word. Make the font bigger and change it so it’s easy to read.
  4. Now delete some words that are easy to hear and easy to spell, replace them with a line ______
  5. Now delete some more difficult words that are still easy to hear. You should aim for about 15 depending on the song.
  6. Now you have them all, add numbers to the lines ___1___ ____2____.

Students can fill them in as they listen, practise pronunciation, cover different areas of vocabulary or grammar.

Here’s the link to a some songs I made


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