UK Citizenship – ‘Life in the UK Test’

For many years anyone from overseas wishing to become a British Citizen has had to first pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test before they can apply. It’s a series of 24 multiple questions from a book called ‘Life in the UK : A journey to citizenship’ and to pass you need to get 18 of them correct. It  costs £34 to take and you can do it on a computer at a range of different test centres up and down the country. Click here for a full list.

I’m not here to debate whether the test is right or wrong, I just know that lots of my students want/need to take it, so it’s part of my job to help them out. If you need some help to pass, or are a teacher wanting to teach some citizenship with your learners (not just to pass the test) there are some good resources here
Also, don’t forget about the fantastic, free materials from NIACE which you can download from their website here:


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