Valentine’s Day and Relationships – complete PowerPoint Lesson

Here’s the second edition of my complete lessons using only PowerPoint slides. Can’t be bothered to read the post? Get the lesson here

I think this lesson on relationships fits in really nicely with Valentine’s Day, especially since the audio features a lady dumping her boyfriend. It’s for pre-intermediate learners and should take about an hour. You only need the PowerPoint show above and working speakers to play the audio, students only need a pen and some paper.

Slide 2

Elicit different types of relationship from the class before you show the slide – mother, father etc. Now show the slide, students have to write their own explanation for each word.

Slide 3

Students match the phrasal verbs to the meaning.

Slide 4

Ask and annswer the pre-listening questions as a class before listening to the girl dumping her boyfriend. Students answer the gist question.

Slide 5

Now students listen again and answer the more detailed questions

Slide 6

Students ask and answer these questions in pairs or small groups. You can monitor and give feedback at the end.

Here’s the PowerPoint lesson again

You can find more lessons like this at


  1. Help! I must be doing something wrong. I downloaded and opened a couple of your Powerpoint files, but I can’t access the audio that goes along with some of the slides. Is there a way that I can open the audio files? I( examples – the files on Relationships and on Doctors).

    Thanks in advance. I really find your website useful. I tried the lesson on taking photographs and it worked very well with my students.

      1. Chris Thanks for trying. If you able to sort things out so the audio files work, please let me know. I will periodically check the website. Much thanks


        Sent from my iPhone

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