Good Wordgames as warmers / fillers or coolers from your English class.

In need of a quick warmer / filler or cooler for a lesson? Don’t turn your nose up at word games, they are quick, easy and give students vital spelling and word practice.

Make words from these letters
This is an old favourite. Find a long word like ‘democracy’ and draw all the letters in a box like this:

d r c
a e o
c y m

Now get students to make as many words as they can from only these letters. You can use almost any long word you like

Make sentences from this box
Just the same as the above, but rather than using letters you use words and get students to make sentences. Like this:

jumped fox fence fit because
to lazy he wanted get
the over white The brown

The sentence is :  The lazy brown fox jumped over the white fence because he wanted to get fit.

Put the sentences in the correct order
Another old favourite is putting words in the right order in a sentence. Even though this quite dry and boring -lots of language students, especially those who use a different written script, need to practise their handwriting – even just forming the letters. An activity like this allows students to do this as well as testing their sentence skills.

Here’s my sample PowerPoint for arranging mixed up sentences, save it and change the words to whatever you like

Online wordgames to show on your IAWB
Of course, the internet is abound with word games you can play in your browser. Send these to students as homework, play them in the computer room (in pairs is best) or play them together in the classroom on the interactive whiteboard or projector.

BBC Skillswise – many great word games here

Blocks with Letters on 3 – Amazing game to play with the class

Bookworm – make words from letters – very nice –


  1. Hi there,

    Just found your website and worksheet on vampires and love it! Was browsing and saw you mentioned about games….I have a great way to use Snakes and Ladders in the class to revise ANY thing. I have stash of questions in my head or written down whether they be voabulary, spellings, sentence construction of even just capital cities. Students play the game and if they want to go up the ladder they have to get a question right, and if they want to be ‘saved’ from going down the snake they have to answer a question too. I’ve done it with 6 year olds right through to adults and they all love it. Equally noughts and corsses, put a code in each of the squares and they have to answer a question in order to win that square for their nought or cross. 🙂

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