Hapland – IELTS Reading Instructions


Chris Speck

Hapland – Reading Instructions

This is a very frustrating flash game.  I used it with my Level 1+/B1+ students to help them read for meaning.


Basically the idea of the game is to get the little man to safety byclicking on different parts of the picture in the right order.


How I ran the lesson.

1. All students had a computer. I directed them to the ‘Hapland’ website. Click herehttp://homepage.ntlworld.com/rallen/hapland.swf I asked the students to play it for two minutes. Then I elicited their opinions, did they think it was a good game? Would they play it?

2. Now I handed out the instructions (below) . They had to read carefully following these to complete the game. I encouraged them to help each other.


a)    Open all the windows and turn the red arrow around.

b)    Open the hatch on the right, click the yellow arrow to get…

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