IELTS Academic Reading Test – Sample


Test your IELTS reading skills with this Academic Reading Test from Richard L King.

If you just want the test then: click here to get the Sample Academic Reading task plus answers.

Click here to download a sample IELTS Academic answer sheet

Sample test A

Please follow the steps below!

1.Make sure you have somewhere quiet to do the test. Turn off your phone, the television and the TV. You will need 1 hour. Do not give yourself more time.

2. Print off a copy of the test and answers above. Print off an answer sheet above.

3. Allow yourself 1 hour. Give yourself a break when you finish. Ten minutes should be enough.

4. Check your answers and read the explanations about them. Look for paraphrases and synonyms! Find out WHY your answers were wrong!

You should now have a better understanding of your reading skills.

For more sample IELTS exams, why not check out Richard L King’s book: Teach yourself IELTS Reading



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