A sample IELTS presentation – How to get better at IELTS speaking


There are lots of sample IELTS presentations on youtube but watching these might not help you get better at giving your own presentation.

First – make sure you are familiar with the criteria that you will be marked on in the IELTS speaking exam. There are some excellent videos from the British Council here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H-WeY9GSf8

Download the worksheet here A sample IELTS presentation


Read the sample IELTS presentation and work through task 1. There aren’t any grammar mistakes in here, so the speaker will score well on grammatical accuracy.

Use the prompts on the second sheet to practise giving presentations. Record yourself on your phone and listen back to them – I know it sounds crazy! – but this will really help you understand the areas you need to develop!

Best of luck

Get more help with your IELTS by getting Richard L King’s great book – Teach yourself IELTS reading



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