My top five favourite giants


  1. Gaius from Shadow of the Colossus. gaius.png

    The third and best giant from the best video game ever, Shadow of the Colossus, is called Gaius. He’s  meant to be some sort of knight with an enormous sword. In the game you climb up him and stab him in various places, like you do all the giants, until he collapses. It makes me kind of sad to kill him…

  2. Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun – the giant from The Game of Thrones.

    Said to be the last giant in the world, Wun Wun from the Games of Thrones fights off an enormous bunch of zombies at the battle of Hardhome before wading into the sea to escape them. He’s rude, huge and utterly brave. Check out the fact file on him here – careful though, there’s a Games of Thrones spoiler

  3. Achilles from Clash of the Titans achilles

    – the old version. Even though it looks pretty crude now, this bronze giant was a much loved monster from this classic eighties movie. It was his jerky, stop motion animation movements that made him a bit scary as well as his cold, blank expression. After Hercules steals a needle from the treasure room that he stands on, this statue comes to life and attacks the Argonauts. Jason eventually manages to unscrew a plug on his heel and liquid bronze pours out like blood. That’s the real story about the expression ‘Achilles heel’, by the way. Awesome.

  4. Legendary Irish giant Fionn mac Cumhaill or Finn MacCoul.finn

    Lots of geographical features in Ireland are said to have been made by Finn. He built the Giant’s Causeway to use as stepping-stones to Scotland, so he didn’t have to get his feet wet. He also famously ripped out part of Ireland to hurl at one of his enemies, but missed and so the lump fell into the Irish Sea and is now what we call the Isle of Man. I named my Jack Russell dog after him.

  5.  Andre the giant.       

    andre.png   A real giant, Andre was a professional wrestler and stood 7 foot 4 inches tall. According to fellow wrestler Mick Graham he could drink 156 beers in one sitting. Andre also appeared in the best film ever made, Conan the Destroyer, he was under the suit of the monstrous deity Dagoth. Hence this classic photo.

  6. If you like giants, check out my book ‘Warmstone’. There are lots of them in it.

warmstone new cover


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