Things that 2000ad predicted would happen…

1. Mobilty scooters


Mega City One has a huge number of what they call ‘Fatties’, those who have turned to gluttony out of boredom or the desire to take part in lucrative and wildly popular eating competitons. They can’t walk so well and so they travel around on ‘trundle wheels’. Here are two from ‘League of Fatties’, published in 1983.


sam slade

Back in 1978,  showing characters smoking in children’s comics was frowned upon and so, 2000ad gave us Stoogie, a Cuban robot cigar with an angry streak. Stoogie reduced or increased Sam’s levels of nicotine depending on his stress levels.

3. Riot foam


Mega City One judges loved using riot foam. Maybe they even invented the phrase…

4. The channel tunnel

prog 7

In prog seven, there was sign saying ‘Channel Tunnel open 2002’ but I can’t find a pic. There was also a tunnel from the USA to Brit City – not sure if that prediction will come true though.



In Mega City One, little spy cameras are everywhere. They fly…and they can snoop on any citizen, any time. Judges use them all the time… sound familiar?

Can you think of any more?

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