I need reading practice- but I hate reading! IELTS / TOEFL / TOIEC

You need to practise reading…but you hate reading. You really hate it. It’s all boring. You hate reading in English.

Stop. On the internet there are a million interesting things to read.

Read Quora

Quora www.quora.com – hundreds of interesting questions answered.quara

I just visited this website to get a screen shot of it and ended up reading a question on ‘where we fall in a 1-10 scale of attractiveness’. I even watched a video too. Quora is a great website for reading things you are interested in, and if you can, answer some of the questions!

Newspapers – all over the internet and FREE

Guardian weekly – awesome free newspaper from the UK with articles on anything you are interested in.


the Telegraph – another great broadsheet from the UK.



The economist – for highbrow articles that mirror what you’ll find on your IELTS exam


Online journals – Get to Cambridge Core and search for the subjects you are interested in – you might also learn something about your specialist field.


For more help with your IELTS reading. Check out Richard L King’s book, Teach yourself IELTS reading


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