I’m a ESOL , EFL and English teacher and writer and have been teaching for a very long time. In fact, teaching is the only real job I’ve had, apart from my adventuring days when I was among many things, a cow farmer, a guitarist, a singer, a builder and many times – an unskilled labourer.

I’m interested in giving teachers and educators concrete examples and tasks on how to use technology within education. I get really tired of people explaining how good technology could be without saying how. I don’t really like theory but I know it’s important, without theory of course there would be roughly half of the books in the world and a lot less work for librarians and publishers and a lot less work for students who have to learn things they will instantly, and quite rightly forget.

I also write unpublished novels, the last one I wrote was about zombies and asylum seekers in the UK. Currently I’m writing¬† about giant robots, a father and his disabled, dying son. You can read it here, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t bother, http://www.authonomy.com/books/43196/warmstone/ Each one takes me years to complete and I’m not sure why I bother. They give me something to think about though, while I’m riding the bus.

7 Comments on “About”

  1. Narelle says:

    Thanks for your fantastic teaching resources and wealth of ideas! I’m a little bit sad that I didn’t find your blog sooner. I’ve got four weeks until the end of my 6-year teaching career (going to open an Aussie pub next). Keep up the good work! :-)

  2. Chris Speck says:

    Thanks Narelle, good luck the Aussie pub! Sounds fantastic! You in the UK?

  3. dave says:

    Excellent blog, Chris! So many superb ideas! I stumbled across it researching an article I am writing about smartphone use in EFL classes. Can I reference this blog in the article?

  4. David Clayton says:

    Hi Chris,

    I would love to send you the article. Can you tell me what format you would prefer and where to send it to?



  5. Dave says:

    Ok Chris I’ll send it as a Word Doc in a couple of hours.



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