I’m an English teacher and writer and have been teaching for a very long time. In fact, teaching is the only real job I’ve had, apart from my many years adventuring and travelling, when, I was among many things, a cow farmer, a busker, a guitar teacher, a gardener, an unskilled labourer and… a teacher.

I tried very hard to take myself too seriously for a long time and it was a lot of fun. Now, I’m back to what I like, a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. I’ve been profoundly influenced by the galaxy’s greatest comic 2000ad, John Wyndham, Dungeons and Dragons, Billy Bragg and the pub Nellies in Beverley.

I ride my push bike to work, go running, look after my kids, think about monsters and huge robots, drink warm beer and play the guitar.

My first novel ‘Warmstone’ is a father and son tale with Vikings, and ancient, mechanical giants in a frozen world. It was described as ‘The Road meets Game of Thrones’.you can get yourself a copy by clicking the picture or clicking here.

My latest book ‘Painted Dog’, is set in the deep jungles of Papua New Guinea where I spent two years as a young volunteer teacher in my twenties. It’s about a Yungum tribesman and his dog and is due out in November 2016.

I also sing and play washboard in the greatest progressive skiffle band in the world, Black Kes https://www.facebook.com/blackkessupergroup/ , but that’s another story.

brown warmstone

I won’t get onto it now but I also play washboard in a legendary skiffle band….




  1. Thanks for your fantastic teaching resources and wealth of ideas! I’m a little bit sad that I didn’t find your blog sooner. I’ve got four weeks until the end of my 6-year teaching career (going to open an Aussie pub next). Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Thanks Narelle, good luck the Aussie pub! Sounds fantastic! You in the UK?

  3. Excellent blog, Chris! So many superb ideas! I stumbled across it researching an article I am writing about smartphone use in EFL classes. Can I reference this blog in the article?

    1. Hi Dave, fancy sending me your article on smartphone learning and I’ll post it as a blog?

  4. David Clayton · · Reply

    Hi Chris,

    I would love to send you the article. Can you tell me what format you would prefer and where to send it to?



    1. Hi David, send it to me here captainjaybird@englishlanguagespacestation.com and we’ll put it on the blog, is that ok?



  5. Ok Chris I’ll send it as a Word Doc in a couple of hours.



  6. […] is an  English teacher, writer, guitarist and washboard […]

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