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The best part of my week #2

Our new dojo is actually a scout hut and at the far end is a union jack on a flagpole. We’ve been told not to touch it. We get changed into our karate suits around the outside of the small hall like we always did in the old place. It’s nice to be somewhere new, […]

The best part of my week #1

No worksheets for your English class today I’m afraid. There’s an expression ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. I’m not sure where it came from but like lots of sayings, it doesn’t seem to me to be that true. A picture can show you the colours and the expressions on people’s faces, the quality of […]

Warmstone – Win a copy on Goodreads

  Win a copy on this Goodreads Giveaway The old men of the frozen Eastern tribe say that Erik will not last even another short winter… he can’t even walk and so, his father Seven, carries him across the ice wastes. The boy’s clear blue eyes see much further than the horizon. He sees […]

Teach yourself IELTS Writing – Free today *** THIS GIVEAWAY HAS FINISHED ***

**** This giveaway has now finished ****   Free to download today from Amazon. Please share! It’s a great little resource book with tips on: How to tackle task 1 and task 2 on the IELTS reading paper Sample essays and ‘HOW TO USE THEM!’. How to ANSWER THE QUESTION for both task 1 and task 2. […]

A new novel – Painted Dog – please read and vote!

Please help me get a publishing contract!

Optical illusions- a PPT for your English/ EFL / ESOL classroom

I’ve just found more another optical illusion powerpoint on my hard drive. I don’t know where it came from or who made it, or how I got it. It’s an old favourite and perfect for a warmer, filler or just for when you have nothing else. To get the most out of it Put students […]

5 Academic sentences for IELTS writing and speaking

Learning academic sentences is a powerful way to make your language stronger. Like learning karate moves in the dojo, the more times you say or write them the more you will understand how they work. Also like karate moves, once you know how they work, you can use them in the real world! 5 Academic […]