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It’s a great little resource book with tips on:

How to tackle task 1 and task 2 on the IELTS reading paper

Sample essays and ‘HOW TO USE THEM!’.

How to ANSWER THE QUESTION for both task 1 and task 2.
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5 Academic sentences for IELTS writing and speaking


Learning academic sentences is a powerful way to make your language stronger.

Like learning karate moves in the dojo, the more times you say or write them the more you will understand how they work.

Also like karate moves, once you know how they work, you can use them in the real world!

5 Academic sentences

  1. Employment not only offers us a way to make money for ourselves and governments, it also gives us the opportunity to do something meaningful in the world.
  1. In my opinion, there’s a very strong economic argument for effective primary school education.
  1. As long as free healthcare is managed well, there is no need for it to be wasteful or expensive.
  1. Prices fell by more than 20% last year and as a result, sales increased by 15%.
  1. Teachers have many roles, in addition to educating students they can often act as role models.

IELTS and Academic writing – fixed expressions

Language is made up of chunks (see Michael Lewis – The Lexical Approach).

Like bricks that you put together, pieces of language fit together to make sentences. This is how we all use language. Learning fixed expressions and how they work will make you a more powerful writer.

…and it’s easy.

Download a copy of the fixed expressions worksheet and complete the tasks here academic-fixed-expressions-for-ielts


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For more help with your IELTS writing, check out Richard L King’s Teach yourself IELTS writing