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Pronunciation: recording your own voice – for EFL / ESOL and IELTS

It’s very hard to listen to your own voice when you are speaking. So why not use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking in English? Here is a sample task for you to improve your pronunciation. You’ll need something that will record your voice. Use the ‘audio recorder’ on your mobile phone. Read the text […]

Using Spotify with your English class – Great Tunes…

Spotify is a free music service (unless you go premium) that lets you listen to thousands and thousands of albums and song by thousands and thousands of artists over the widest possible range of genres. I’ve spent a long time on it – listening to songs I used to love and have long since lost, […]

Complete Lessons using PowerPoint for IELTS / EFL / ESOL – Valentine’s Day and Relationships

Here’s the second edition of my complete lessons using only PowerPoint slides. Can’t be bothered to read the post? Get the lesson here I think this lesson on relationships fits in really nicely with Valentine’s Day, especially since the audio features a lady dumping her boyfriend. It’s for pre-intermediate learners and should take about […]

Low Level English – Flash Games for ESOL

…just discovered a wonderful site for low level ESOL and ESL learners, you need an Interactive Whiteboard or a projector. Loads of different vocabulary games and presentations aimed at low level learners.

Complete Lessons Using PowerPoint for ESOL /ESL/ IELTS – Part 1 – technology

Can’t be bothered to read the blog – get this lesson here In the past I’ve blogged about how simple to use and effective PowerPoint is for teaching English. I’ve even devoted a whole section of my website to it. If you have an interactive whiteboard or a projector and some speakers then you’re […]

Mobile Phones in Class

Last week I had the regular yearly inspection with a well meaning, rule following inspector. I had a class of around twelve adult learners from many different parts of the world studying intermediate English. Everything was going fine, students were engaged in various tasks at their level, they were working together and the classroom was […]