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Things that 2000ad predicted would happen…

1. Mobilty scooters Mega City One has a huge number of what they call ‘Fatties’, those who have turned to gluttony out of boredom or the desire to take part in lucrative and wildly popular eating competitons. They can’t walk so well and so they travel around on ‘trundle wheels’. Here are two from ‘League […]

The five best 2000ad stories

These stories had a profound effect on me growing up in semi-rural East Yorkshire and continue to have an effect on my writing today. Here are my top five. You might not agree. 1.Summer Magic This was the first serious and profound comic story I  ever read. It’s about young Luke Kirby and his grandfather who investigate a mysterious […]

My top five minor 2000ad characters of all time

I have loved the comic 2000ad ever since I first read it, probably around 1980 and has profoundly influenced me in so many ways. I don’t want to think about the big characters like Slaine or Strontium Dog, I want to remember the little figures who helped to build up the bigger story. 1. Stoogie. Long before […]

Superheroes! Pre – intermediate worksheet for teens

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged. No blah blah blah from me today. Here’s a superhero worksheet to use with teen learners who just love superheroes, like me! Click here to getdownload the worksheet!