Things that 2000ad predicted would happen…

1. Mobilty scooters


Mega City One has a huge number of what they call ‘Fatties’, those who have turned to gluttony out of boredom or the desire to take part in lucrative and wildly popular eating competitons. They can’t walk so well and so they travel around on ‘trundle wheels’. Here are two from ‘League of Fatties’, published in 1983.


sam slade

Back in 1978,  showing characters smoking in children’s comics was frowned upon and so, 2000ad gave us Stoogie, a Cuban robot cigar with an angry streak. Stoogie reduced or increased Sam’s levels of nicotine depending on his stress levels.

3. Riot foam


Mega City One judges loved using riot foam. Maybe they even invented the phrase…

4. The channel tunnel

prog 7

In prog seven, there was sign saying ‘Channel Tunnel open 2002’ but I can’t find a pic. There was also a tunnel from the USA to Brit City – not sure if that prediction will come true though.



In Mega City One, little spy cameras are everywhere. They fly…and they can snoop on any citizen, any time. Judges use them all the time… sound familiar?

Can you think of any more?

The five best 2000ad stories

These stories had a profound effect on me growing up in semi-rural East Yorkshire and continue to have an effect on my writing today. Here are my top five. You might not agree.

1.Summer Magic

summer magic

This was the first serious and profound comic story I  ever read. It’s about young Luke Kirby and his grandfather who investigate a mysterious werewolf that is terrorising a rural village. I liked the relationship between the lad and his grandfather and how the mundane mixed with the occult as the boy learns magic. A brilliant ending with a twist.

2.Bad Company

bad company.png

I came back from a two week holiday and found out there was a new story in 2000ad, ‘Bad Company’. Strangely, I don’t remember all the violence in it, I just remember the characters describing the horror and madness of war. At this point I had never read Wilfred Owen.

3.Universal Soldier


Long before the film with Van Damme but after the song by Donovan , this was a fantastic story about a multiple personality soldier fitted with a chip inside his brain. The chip gives him an unlimited number of specialist skills instantly and he becomes any number of legendary warriors from the past, present or future. In the picture above I think he had become Little John of Robin Hood fame but I particularly liked it when he became the legendary Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi.

4. The Dead man.

daed man.png

I like Judge Dredd but I’m not a huge fan so it came as a shock to me to find out that the lead protagonist in this  Cursed Earth story was Joe Dredd himself.

Young Yassa, a wasteland lad, finds a body, horribly disfigured by acid and is shocked when the man comes back to life. The Dead Man has no idea who he is or where he came from, so, he and Yassa (and his dog) travel across the Cursed Earth to find out. What I liked about this story was the western feel to it, all drawn in black and white,  and the simple, character driven story with the relationship between Dredd and Yassa.

Dredd leads the boy almost to his death in this quest and Yassa is blinded by evil ghosts, but here’s the thing, Dredd regrets his actions. It’s the first time, for me, that Dredd becomes a real character, he feels that he has done something wrong and even returns the blind Yassa to his home suffering the curses and indignation of the wasteland family.

The year was 1990, I was 16 and growing up, 2000ad had already grown up, it was just the first time that I had noticed.

5. Tales from the Doghouse (Strontium Dog spin-off)


Of course, we all love Jonny Alpha with his glowing eyes that can read minds and see through walls but it was the ‘Tales from the Doghouse’ series that caught my imagination  way back in 1988.

Set in a dystopian future, the only job that mutants like Jonny Alpha can get, is as Search and Destroy agents or Strontium Dogs and their headquarters are called simply, ‘The Doghouse’. Here, you can find mutants who don’t actually want to be bounty hunters –  but they have to be, and of course, they’re not the high powered super humans that you find in the x-men movies, they’re characters like ‘Back-to-front-Jones’, whose head is on the wrong way round, ‘Froggy Natterjack’ who’s like a toad and Tom ‘Birdy’ Lilley who has little wings – but can’t fly. Usually one off stories, they were very British tales of unlikely heroes and those doing the best they can in terrible and difficult circumstances.


My top five minor 2000ad characters of all time

I have loved the comic 2000ad ever since I first read it, probably around 1980 and has profoundly influenced me in so many ways. I don’t want to think about the big characters like Slaine or Strontium Dog, I want to remember the little figures who helped to build up the bigger story.

1. Stoogie. Long before e-cigs, Robo Hunter Sam Slade had a Cuban robot cigar called Stoogie. He used to give Sam more or less nicotine depending on stress levels. Although Stoogie was introduced due to a crackdown on smoking in comic books, he still made me want to smoke.

sam slade.png

2. Mean Machine. A member of the Angel Gang, Mean was born so gentle and kind that Pa Angel had to take him to the doctor to make him cruel. Given a robot claw arm and dial on his head that controlled the level of his psychosis, Mean could choose just how crazy was. ‘I aint wasting no time on 3, I’m going straight to 4 on ya.’


3. Flytap. A human soldier with a carnivorous plant grafted onto his arm, Flytrap, was quite brutal to the new recruits in the war story ‘Bad Company’ but he was a goodie really. He had an extra head too, and he was grown back to life from a seed.


4. Mongrol. He’s a massive robot with sub human intelligence. After having his entire body destroyed, apart from his head, Mongrol was rebuilt by a scavenger girl called Lara. When I first read ABC warriors, I didn’t even realise that Mongrol was a play on the word ‘mongrel’. 4049982-mongrol-2000ad

5. Scarlet O’Gasmeter was the curvy woman from Hewligan’s haircut about a man who had a permanent hole in his hair. She was clever, cool and you never got to see her eyes.


Can you think of any more?

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Superheroes! Pre – intermediate worksheet for teens

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged.

No blah blah blah from me today. Here’s a superhero worksheet to use with teen learners who just love superheroes, like me!

Click here to getdownload the worksheet!