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The zombie lesson – reading and discussion lesson for Halloween

Can’t be bothered to read the blog?  I wouldn’t bother either, here’s the worksheet: I quite like zombie films and most of my pre-intermediate and intermediate students do as well. Here is a three part Zombie lesson to get them talking and reading about the most popular undead monster in modern culture. Pre- reading. […]

Optical Illusions for your language class – any level

Can’t be bothered to read the short post? Who could blame you?  Download the lesson here… Click here for optical illusions from Amazon Optical illusions are a great warmer, cooler or filler for your class. Here’s a powerpoint show that I made from pictures I found on Google. It takes five to ten minutes depending on […]

Using Board Games with your language students

Playing a board game is fun and requires more than a little bit of language. You have to explain the rules, give advice on how to play, ask for tips, encourage, cheat, discuss and generally chat while you play. All the perfect ingredients for a language activity that might not be good for a full […]

Instant and Emergency English Classes – your get out of jail free card

In the game Monopoly, at some point, you’ll be sent to jail, this can be avoided if you have a ‘get out of jail free’ card. All teachers get to a point when they don’t know what to teach or are put in a situation where they have got nothing to teach . There may be […]