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Audiobooks – More practice for IELTS listening

Normally, I’d tell you that reading novels isn’t really going to help you get very good at IELTS academic reading….but… …if you need some free practise for your IELTS listening, then audiobooks, might just be the right thing! Like the radio or podcasts, you can listen to them anywhere, in the car, on your bike, in […]


How can I learn more IELTS vocab?

Here are a few methods for getting new words into your brain… Learn words that work together. The famous linguist, Michael Lewis thinks we should learn in ‘lexical chunks’ rather than simply words. This makes good sense, most language comes in blocks or cluster. You know the word ‘depend’ but try to also learn the […]


IELTS Listening – Monty Python’s four Yorkshiremen

  Here’s another lesson you can give to your IELTS students for homework or as an activity in class. This time it’s a comedy sketch from the unique and very funny English comedians, Monty Python. You’ll need access to and a way to show the video to students, this could be on their smartphones […]