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A sample IELTS presentation – How to get better at IELTS speaking

There are lots of sample IELTS presentations on youtube but watching these might not help you get better at giving your own presentation. First – make sure you are familiar with the criteria that you will be marked on in the IELTS speaking exam. There are some excellent videos from the British Council here Download the […]


Giving a 2 minute presentation: IELTS Speaking

Giving a two minute presentation It’s scary giving a presentation – even when you are sure about your subject and you have prepared well. In the IELTS speaking exam, you’ll be asked to speak for 2 minutes on a given topic (see some example cards on the opposite page). Here are some tips which will help you get […]


Banksy – Graffiti PowerPoint Presentation and Discussion

Here’s the Banksy PowerPoint show Many many years ago when I lived and taught in the industrial town of Szolnok, Hungary. Someone wrote a very large bit of graffiti across the bottom of our tower-block. In big, white letters, at least a foot high, the artist wrote ‘I’m still love you’. Ever since then, […]