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Hapland- IELTS and Video Games – Reading Instructions

Hapland is a very frustrating flash game. Read the instructions below to complete it. If you like video games, walkthroughs are great way to practise reading. Following complex instructions to complete a task will give you some INTERESTING reading practice. Basically the idea of the game is to get the little man to safety byclicking […]

Do video games have a responsibilty to educate?

Way back in 1922, when television was a brand new invention, the fresh British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC as we know it, decided its mission would be to  ‘inform, educate and entertain’ . Granted, the world was a different place and the power of the media was only just beginning to be realised but it was the […]

Using a PSP to teach English – Flash Games

Putting Flash Games onto the PSP To get flash games onto a PSP you need to somehow rip the .swf files from the websites that host the games. I used firefox to download the games and capture the them. More gifted and tecnically minded wizards explain this better than I can here Using Flash […]

Blocks with Letters – Simple Flash game for IELTS / ESOL / ESL

Here’s a great game written by Martin Sears that really gets your brain working. It’s a simple game that hinges on moving blocks around the screen and making sure that words are spelled correctly.  I’m not sure I’d use this game with a class , but I might set it for homework and ask students how the got […]

Low Level English – Flash Games for ESOL

…just discovered a wonderful site for low level ESOL and ESL learners, you need an Interactive Whiteboard or a projector. Loads of different vocabulary games and presentations aimed at low level learners.

Flash Games for ESOl / EFL / IELTS – Just a bit of fun

Desktop Defence Click here to play Desktop Defence. Defence games involve you building towers to defeat hordes of enemies. This one is quick, easy to learn and difficult to master. Desktop Defence is easily the best out there. Say goodbye to break time. Fancy Pants 1 and 2 Click here to play Fancy Pants 2 […]

Educational games- are they any good? Case #1 – 1066

                  Click here to play the game The term ‘educational game’ is a bit of an oxymoron – like a fat thin man riding a big small motorbike.  Games that promote learning can sometimes be more boring that actually just learning. Hopefully though, things are changing. Here’s […]