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IELTS Listening – Monty Python’s four Yorkshiremen

  Here’s another lesson you can give to your IELTS students for homework or as an activity in class. This time it’s a comedy sketch from the unique and very funny English comedians, Monty Python. You’ll need access to and a way to show the video to students, this could be on their smartphones […]


YouTube Presentation Lesson for ESOL / ESL and IELTS

This is a really simple lesson using to get students to give an interesting and persuasive presentation. Set up I used this lesson with a group of pre-intermediate learners but the idea could easily be extended to higher levels and might tie in nicely for students preparing for speaking exams such as IELTS or […]


More Complete Lessons Using PowerPoint – Money and Banks

If you can’t be bothered to read the post then download the lesson here. Here’s another Complete Lesson Using PowerPoint following on from what the two I’ve done already, Complete PowerPoint Lesson – Relationships, Complete PowerPoint Lesson – Technology This time I’ve gone for Money and Banks. The lesson is aimed at Pre-intermediate to […]