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Improve your pronunciation, again – record an interview on your phone

It’s hard to listen to your own voice when you are speaking. Use your mobile phone to record your voice while you interview yourself. a)  Download or print out the worksheet below. Interview and record yourself on your mobile phone b) Read through the questions and practise what you are going to say. Add a […]

Pronunciation: recording your own voice – for EFL / ESOL and IELTS

It’s very hard to listen to your own voice when you are speaking. So why not use your mobile phone to record yourself speaking in English? Here is a sample task for you to improve your pronunciation. You’ll need something that will record your voice. Use the ‘audio recorder’ on your mobile phone. Read the text […]

Guest Blog: David Clayton: SMARTphones: Student Motivation and Autonomy using Relevant Technology.

The purposes of the activities listed below are to increase students’ exposure to natural English, their autonomy, and their motivation. This will be achieved by the innovative use of familiar and valued technology, encouraging effective study skills and good practice, and by providing fun, meaningful, achievable activities using authentic materials. A recent poll of my […]

More ideas for using Text Messages to teach English – Grammar Texts

After using text messages to try and get students to think in English (click here for the blog) and also to follow instructions outside class (click here to read that one) , I decided I could use the great power of the text to tackle grammar. I used these texts as part of homework tasks, using an account at […]

Teaching English/ESOL/ESL with SmartPhones – ten things I’d like to do.

In the UK you can get a smartphone for £100 and they are only going to get cheaper as more people want them. A device with a camera and video camera, access to the internet, with thousands of apps and the ability to share and recieve information will have a profound effect on education if […]

Using mobile phone / smartphones to teach English – Part 2 – Kindle books

If you’re lucky enough to have a smartphone and have cleverly downloaded the Amazon ‘Kindle Ap’ then you’ll already know that there are loads and loads of top class, albeit, old books avaliable to download for free onto your posh phone. You could even download them on your Kindle. Also, if you’re keen on a […]

Using Text Messages to teach English – Part 1 ‘Think Texts’

  ‘A lot of students have mobile phones and as teachers, we often wrestle with how to get them to turn them off in class (although I’ve stopped bothering now). But what if we could use them as teaching tools to deliver content and get responses from our students?’ – I’m tired of reading and […]