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Optical illusions- a PPT for your English/ EFL / ESOL classroom

I’ve just found more another optical illusion powerpoint on my hard drive. I don’t know where it came from or who made it, or how I got it. It’s an old favourite and perfect for a warmer, filler or just for when you have nothing else. To get the most out of it Put students […]

Reported Speech – a quick ppt to show your intermediate ESOL/EFL students

Here’s another one from the vaults, a good introduction or warmer for your ESOL or EFL class on reported speech. Click here to download the ppt: reported_speech_arrange_the_sentences There’s not much to say as it’s pretty straightforward. The first slide gets students to arrange the words into meaningful reported speech sentences (some of them have more […]

Adjectives for describing character – a quick ppt show

Can be bothered to read the post?  You don’t need to anyway – get the PowerPoint lesson here Here’s another quick PowerPoint show that I found on my hard drive. I fgot the picture above on Facebook or somewhere – it’s quite famous. It struck me that it would be nice to use with […]

Talking about paintings – Norman Rockwell – a ppt cooler, warmer or filler.

Here’s another PowerPoint warmer, filler or cooler for your English lesson. If you can’t be bothered to read the short blog – download the ppt file here. This week I’ve been talking about the paintings of the American painter Norman Rockwell. His pictures are great for generating conversation and speculation, although they are quite […]

Describing People – A quick ppt show

Here’s another PowerPoint show with loads of different types of faces and people for your students to describe. I’ve put down a few ideas on how you could get more out of it below, but if you just want to get straight to the content, click below. Portraits How to run this lesson This ppt […]

Create your own Superhero! – A computer room lesson using PPT for teenagers and younger learners.

I’ve been teaching functional skills IT this year to my pre-intermediate teenage ESOL learners and the materials we have to use with them are fightningly dull. Here’s a lesson I knocked up for them on designing your own superhero using PowerPoint and the superb super hero generator . The worksheet asks them to […]

The Royal Wedding ppt – a quick ten minute chat for your intermediate English class.

Can be bothered to read the short post?  – download the Royal Wedding PPT here.   (can you find the puctuation error?) It’s the most important wedding since the last important wedding but, like it or loathe it Prince William’s marriage to Kate is big news and it might be a good subject to get your students chatting. […]