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Halloween English – The Vampire Lesson

Here’s another lesson for your ESOL, ESL or EFL students tapping the now mainstream interest in Vampires. Get the worksheet straight away by clicking here – Whether your students enjoyed the seminal video game Vampire: The Masquerade – bloodlines a few years ago or they enjoy The Twilight series of films or the TV […]

IELTS Reading – Multiple Choice Questions

Selecting the right option from a list of possible answers is probably the most common assessment method in the world. Such questions are easy to set and mark and are a common feature of exams and test across the globe, including the IELTS reading examination. Advantages of this method of assessment This type of question […]

Online reading tasks – How e-learning can save paper – no kidding

My English language students need to read a lot – fact, and I often want them to read something quickly which they can discard when they finish. What I don’t want to do however is photocopy the same thing for each student only to have them read it once and then file it away neatly […]

Joe and the Hairdresser – read the story and write the last line.

Joe’s wife was an ugly woman. She had horrible eyes a big nose and fat lips. One day she decided that if she had a nice haircut it would make her more beautiful. So Joe took her to the hairdresser. When the hairdresser had finished he held up a mirror so that Joe’s wife could […]

Joe and the tigers – read the story and write the last line

One day one of Joe’s neighbours visited him. Joe was standing outside his house with a bag of salt. He was throwing the salt over the front of his garden. “What are you doing Joe?” asked the neighbour. “I’m trying to keep the tigers away.” The neighbour looked shocked. “But there are no tigers near […]

The zombie lesson – reading and discussion lesson for Halloween

Can’t be bothered to read the blog?  I wouldn’t bother either, here’s the worksheet: I quite like zombie films and most of my pre-intermediate and intermediate students do as well. Here is a three part Zombie lesson to get them talking and reading about the most popular undead monster in modern culture. Pre- reading. […]

Internet Research for ESOL / ESL / IELTS Part 2- Clothes Shopping

Despite the dot com boom and bust and the fear of criminals using ones credit card number, internet shopping continues to be big business reducing shopping streets across the world to ghost towns.  Next, , Topman and even Ebay have bright, engaging websites to sell their clothes. As always, there is opportunity to exploit these well designed resources with your English […]