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My top five role-playing games

Role-playing games are cool now, they say…but they are not cool. They are for nerds. Here are my top five. 1. Dungeons and Dragons – the first edition. The red cover with a dragon on. The monster manual. These were all classic books that we loved and read very often. I used to painstakingly copy […]


Talking heads – role play with masks – for teenagers and young adults

Ok, so this is a bit off the wall but it is a quite a good laugh if you have a young class or students who have a sense of humour. This is a simple role-play class using masks of famous people. How to run the class The biggest part of getting this class to […]


Dungeons and Dragons in the EFL classroom – a basic adventure ‘Rescue the woodcutter’s daughter’

I played Dungeons and Dragons for many years as a teenager and enjoyed the role-play, the creation and the dice rolling and it’s only recently that I’ve got back into the game. I’ve never taken it too seriously and so, I thought, ¬†why not try it with my EFL / ESOL students. After all, it […]