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Talking heads – role play with masks – for teenagers and young adults

Ok, so this is a bit off the wall but it is a quite a good laugh if you have a young class or students who have a sense of humour. This is a simple role-play class using masks of famous people. How to run the class The biggest part of getting this class to […]

Describing People – A quick ppt show

Here’s another PowerPoint show with loads of different types of faces and people for your students to describe. I’ve put down a few ideas on how you could get more out of it below, but if you just want to get straight to the content, click below. Portraits How to run this lesson This ppt […]

The zombie lesson – reading and discussion lesson for Halloween

Can’t be bothered to read the blog?  I wouldn’t bother either, here’s the worksheet: I quite like zombie films and most of my pre-intermediate and intermediate students do as well. Here is a three part Zombie lesson to get them talking and reading about the most popular undead monster in modern culture. Pre- reading. […]

The Royal Wedding ppt – a quick ten minute chat for your intermediate English class.

Can be bothered to read the short post?  – download the Royal Wedding PPT here.   (can you find the puctuation error?) It’s the most important wedding since the last important wedding but, like it or loathe it Prince William’s marriage to Kate is big news and it might be a good subject to get your students chatting. […]

Using Board Games with your language students

Playing a board game is fun and requires more than a little bit of language. You have to explain the rules, give advice on how to play, ask for tips, encourage, cheat, discuss and generally chat while you play. All the perfect ingredients for a language activity that might not be good for a full […]

Valentine’s Day and Relationships – complete PowerPoint Lesson

Here’s the second edition of my complete lessons using only PowerPoint slides. Can’t be bothered to read the post? Get the lesson here I think this lesson on relationships fits in really nicely with Valentine’s Day, especially since the audio features a lady dumping her boyfriend. It’s for pre-intermediate learners and should take about […]

Another Great PowerPoint Lesson – Real speaking situations

 Here’s an old favourite, a powerpoint lesson that you can show with a projector or on your interactive whiteboard. It focuses on students responding to visual prompts asking them what they would say in cetain situations. Can’t be bothered to read the post – download the lesson here. Level: A2- B1 / Entry 3 / […]