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Good Wordgames as warmers / fillers or coolers from your English class.

In need of a quick warmer / filler or cooler for a lesson? Don’t turn your nose up at word games, they are quick, easy and give students vital spelling and word practice. Make words from these letters This is an old favourite. Find a long word like ‘democracy’ and draw all the letters in […]

Advertisements – A great alternative to PowerPoint

I stumbled on my first presentation while looking through classroom 201X  blog, here’s the link: I was shocked at how easy it is to make really great presentations and set about making a very simple ‘correct the mistakes’ presentation to show to my ESOL students. I tried to embed the file below but […]


Quick PowerPoint lessons for ESOL / ESL/ IELTS – Quick Questions

Here’s the first in a series of quick activities you can show on you IAWB or projector as part of a warm up, cool down or just a filler. Can’t be bothered to read the post download the lesson here. Quick Questions This is a pre intermediate – intermediate lesson and involves students answering questions as […]


The 25 most common spelling mistakes – IELTS and EFL

If you haven’t got time or can’t be bothered to read the post the spelling lesson is here: The twenty five most common spelling mistakes in English. The most pleasing things about making spelling mistakes when typing into Google is not that it offers you a handy correction,  but the fact that there are […]