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My top five IELTS books – for students

If you want to do well in the IELTS exams, invest in some good books. They may be expensive but, good quality books can always be resold on eBay or at your college or university. Better still – get one of these out of the library! 1. IELTS Trainer This book leads you through six […]


Top Five IELTS books – for teachers

Teaching IELTS? An old pro? A newbie? Here are my top five books for teaching IELTS. 1. Instant IELTS – Guy Brook Hart Ready to use tasks and activities for IELTS students at intermediate and above. This book is an old favourite and my own copy is now battered from constant use. Great worksheets for […]


10 computer shortcuts to save you time.

Use these shortcuts to save yourself 5 minutes a day. That’s about 30 minutes a week (if you use your computer at the weekend.) That’s two hours a month. And that’s six hours a year. Right click                                               Right click will provide you a short cut to almost anything. CTRL + A    Use this to […]