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It’s Christmas again in the ESOL / EFL classroom

It’s time to dust off the old Christmas worksheets and pull out the tatty decorations. I’ve rounded up some of the best stuff on the web in terms of worksheets, shows, interactive games and song Worksheets The English Language Space Station has some good lessons on Christmas and Celebrations in the UK There are […]

Halloween worksheets for your English class

       If you live in the UK or the USA, the end of October means more little kids dressed as skeletons knocking on your door and screaming ‘trick or treat’ before you dish out the sweets. Here’s an old favourite that I’ve used on Hallowe’en for many […]

Buying Christmas Presents – IELTS reading

  Need some quick IELTS reading practice linked to Christmas? Click below for an IELTS reading test about buying gifts IELTS Christmas – buying gifts – Teach yoursefl IELTS reading If you liked this then why not check out Richard L King’s excellent IELTS books that focuses on reading – thanks for the materials Rich! […]

The Royal Wedding ppt – a quick ten minute chat for your intermediate English class.

Can be bothered to read the short post?  – download the Royal Wedding PPT here.   (can you find the puctuation error?) It’s the most important wedding since the last important wedding but, like it or loathe it Prince William’s marriage to Kate is big news and it might be a good subject to get your students chatting. […]

Valentine’s Day and Relationships – complete PowerPoint Lesson

Here’s the second edition of my complete lessons using only PowerPoint slides. Can’t be bothered to read the post? Get the lesson here I think this lesson on relationships fits in really nicely with Valentine’s Day, especially since the audio features a lady dumping her boyfriend. It’s for pre-intermediate learners and should take about […]