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Teaching English/ESOL/ESL with SmartPhones – ten things I’d like to do.

In the UK you can get a smartphone for £100 and they are only going to get cheaper as more people want them. A device with a camera and video camera, access to the internet, with thousands of apps and the ability to share and recieve information will have a profound effect on education if […]


Using Digital Cameras in the ESOL / ESL / IELTS classroom Part 2

Can’t be bothered to read the blog? Download the lesson here This is the second time I’ve blogged about using digital cameras in the language classroom, so if you missed it, here’s a link to my first effort. Last time I got students to take photos of different nouns, and also some abstract nouns like […]


Students taking Snaps – Ideas for Using Digital Photos in your ESOL / ESL / IELTS class.

  If you haven’t got time to read – here’s the lesson Students and teachers alike enjoying having their mobile phones switched on in class so they can look at text messages recieved, share photos of new editions to their family or tweets from people they have never met. Sadly, convention causes us to […]