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My top 5 pre-console video games

Back in the eighties, video games weren’t really very much fun. You had to load games from a cassette tape and you could have your tea or watch Newsround while you waited for it to load. Elite on the BBC.  Back in 1984, nobody had invented the concept of free roaming adventure. When space game […]

Quarrel – A first rate educational game that almost never got made.

My small family uploaded ‘Quarrel’ from Xbox live a few days ago because it was free. It’s a mixture of the old board game ‘Risk’ and ‘Scrabble’, players have to make better words than their opponents to take over their part of the map. The person who controls the whole map wins. As a teacher […]

Do video games have a responsibilty to educate?

Way back in 1922, when television was a brand new invention, the fresh British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC as we know it, decided its mission would be to  ‘inform, educate and entertain’ . Granted, the world was a different place and the power of the media was only just beginning to be realised but it was the […]

Teaching with the Nintendo Ds – mobile technology in the classroom – chatrooms

The DS is a great little gaming machine. It has a camera, two screens, Wi-fi and some clever built in tools. However, it is a gaming machine and without specialist software it’s pretty hard to squeeze any education use out of it. I’ve been lucky enough to get to try out this hardware as part of […]

They are only games – aren’t they? My kids and video games.

When my playstation 2 broke, I didn’t realise the effect it would have on myself or my small family.