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Writing Cards – Christmas Cards for ESOL, ESL and EFL

  Can’t be bothered to read the post – Click here for the lesson on Writing Cards Sending cards is an enourmous business in the UK and the USA with the average person spending way too much time and money on them. There’s also a lot of social pressure to send and receive them especially at Christmas time. Who […]

Writing better sentences for IELTS and TOEFL

Watch this video with a short poem by the writer Gary Provost We’re not novelists but varying the rhythm of your sentences can help you with your writing. Some sentences can be short. Some need to be long to show that you can use effective and complex structures. Above all, the sentences you write must be effective […]

New Year Resolutions – Simple low level ESOL / EFL lesson

The new year is the natural time to think about changing the things that you do and the habits that you have. Most gyms will be full this week and empty by the end of February. Here’s a simple E2 ESOL lesson that will get students talking and thinking about the new year Download the lesson […]

The 25 most common spelling mistakes – IELTS and EFL

If you haven’t got time or can’t be bothered to read the post the spelling lesson is here: The twenty five most common spelling mistakes in English. The most pleasing things about making spelling mistakes when typing into Google is not that it offers you a handy correction,  but the fact that there are […]