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Learn English with Muhammad Ali – a quotes worksheet for your English class

A brilliant athlete, entertainer and role-model, Muhammad Ali used his language skill to attack, humiliate and make fun of his opponents even before they stepped into the ring. Here’s a warmer/ filler/ cooler lesson on his quotes and life. This should take about half and hour and would be good for intermediate EFL / ESOL or ESL students […]

Superheroes! Pre – intermediate worksheet for teens

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged. No blah blah blah from me today. Here’s a superhero worksheet to use with teen learners who just love superheroes, like me! Click here to getdownload the worksheet!

Talking heads – role play with masks – for teenagers and young adults

Ok, so this is a bit off the wall but it is a quite a good laugh if you have a young class or students who have a sense of humour. This is a simple role-play class using masks of famous people. How to run the class The biggest part of getting this class to […]