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Optical illusions- a PPT for your English/ EFL / ESOL classroom

I’ve just found more another optical illusion powerpoint on my hard drive. I don’t know where it came from or who made it, or how I got it. It’s an old favourite and perfect for a warmer, filler or just for when you have nothing else. To get the most out of it Put students […]

Using Spotify with your English class – Great Tunes…

Spotify is a free music service (unless you go premium) that lets you listen to thousands and thousands of albums and song by thousands and thousands of artists over the widest possible range of genres. I’ve spent a long time on it – listening to songs I used to love and have long since lost, […]

Using Google Maps for ESOL / ESL / IELTS

If you’re ever in need of directions or need to know where the nearest pizza shop is, then you don’t need to look further than Google Maps. It’s a map of the entire world which can be viewed either as a traditional road map, a satellite snapshot or a hybrid of the two. There is […]

Educational games- are they any good? Case #1 – 1066

                  Click here to play the game The term ‘educational game’ is a bit of an oxymoron – like a fat thin man riding a big small motorbike.  Games that promote learning can sometimes be more boring that actually just learning. Hopefully though, things are changing. Here’s […]