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Hapland- IELTS and Video Games – Reading Instructions

Hapland is a very frustrating flash game. http://foon.uk/farcade/hapland/ Read the instructions below to complete it. If you like video games, walkthroughs are great way to practise reading. Following complex instructions to complete a task will give you some INTERESTING reading practice. Basically the idea of the game is to get the little man to safety byclicking […]

Good Wordgames as warmers / fillers or coolers from your English class.

In need of a quick warmer / filler or cooler for a lesson? Don’t turn your nose up at word games, they are quick, easy and give students vital spelling and word practice. Make words from these letters This is an old favourite. Find a long word like ‘democracy’ and draw all the letters in […]

Using Board Games with your language students

Playing a board game is fun and requires more than a little bit of language. You have to explain the rules, give advice on how to play, ask for tips, encourage, cheat, discuss and generally chat while you play. All the perfect ingredients for a language activity that might not be good for a full […]

Rio 2016- Olympic English – Low level Sports Worksheets

Rio2016-the-sports If you can’t be bothered to read the blog, click here for the simple worksheet on olympic sports. Rio2016-the-sports The Olympics are set to be held in Brazil 2016 and will be here sooner than you think. Here’s a really simple low level worksheet for English language students to practise the names of olympic and commonwealth […]

Teaching with the Nintendo Ds – mobile technology in the classroom – chatrooms

The DS is a great little gaming machine. It has a camera, two screens, Wi-fi and some clever built in tools. However, it is a gaming machine and without specialist software it’s pretty hard to squeeze any education use out of it. I’ve been lucky enough to get to try out this hardware as part of […]

They are only games – aren’t they? My kids and video games.

When my playstation 2 broke, I didn’t realise the effect it would have on myself or my small family.

Low Level English – Flash Games for ESOL

…just discovered a wonderful site for low level ESOL and ESL learners, you need an Interactive Whiteboard or a projector. http://englishflashgames.blogspot.com/ Loads of different vocabulary games and presentations aimed at low level learners.